JLT Cyber Risk Consortium

About the Partnership

Businesses are exposed to the impact of cyber risk on all fronts. Cyber threats continue to evolve, and are no longer confined to technology systems. Now, a single cyber event can impair an organization’s balance sheet, damage its reputation, and cause consumers and business partners to lose confidence – leading to material financial loss. We have entered an era of strategic business risk, and organizations of all sizes must address cyber exposure accordingly.

The JLT Cyber Risk Consortium has developed this research and thought leadership hub in collaboration with the custom publishing arm of Business Insurance with a goal of helping businesses view cyber risk differently to mitigate its impact on their people, property and bottom lines. It also features a research report published by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services with its research audience, as well as respondents from JLT and Business Insurance.

The insights and research published here will inform risk decision-makers about the strategic business risks inherent in cyber events. A threat that is global, dynamic, pervasive and growing cannot be combated by a single individual or department. Assessing and responding to the business impact of this threat requires cooperation and collaboration at all levels. Viewing cyber risk as strategically important is a first step in aligning an organization’s leadership and resources to mitigate the impact.

Join us as we explore how organizations can protect themselves, minimize their vulnerabilities and enhance their competitiveness in the new landscape of cyber risk.